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Reiner Henn opens the café with 76 seats and expands it in summer with a hotel with eight rooms.


Reiner Henn makes in-house chocolates and presents them in a showcase.


After the wedding, wife Suna joins the family business as a hotel business economist. The range is complemented by the jewelry display case.


The outdoor area is expanded, a lake terrace with 24 seats is created.


10 years of Café Henn!

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Modernization of the hotel rooms and completion of the 9th room.


Restructuring of the Hotel Garni and construction of the 10th room.

About us

About the owner:
Reiner Henn absolvierte zuerst eine Bäckerlehre, bevor er anschließend eine Konditorlehre abschloss. Seine besondere Berufserfahrung sammelte er während seiner Arbeit als Patissier in St. Moritz. Die Weiterbildung zum Konditormeister erwarb er in Köln.


Über das Café:

Reiner Henn first completed an apprenticeship as a baker before completing an apprenticeship as a confectioner. He gained his special professional experience while working as a pastry chef in St. Moritz. He trained as a master confectioner in Cologne.

At the scenic spot directly on the lake shore, where the district house in Rurberg used to be, Reiner Henn got the property from this mother Elfriede Henn

He opend the 76-seat café on March 1st, 2008 and the Garni Hotel with 8 rooms was completed in July 2008 for the Rurseefest.

In December 2015, the comprehensive range of cakes was expanded to include chocolate production. The presentation of jewelry in a showcase also started. 

After the wedding in September 2016, Suna Henn enriched the company with her experience as a hotel manager. The couple's son was born in the summer of the following year.

On July 21st, 2017 the café was expanded with a lakeside terrace and 24 seats. From here guests can enjoy an exceptionally beautiful view over lake Rurberger and the forests nearby, as well as the national park.

Both the hotel rooms and the restaurant were modernized in 2019



  • Breakfast buffet 
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